Through Feed Postformer - T-PF-280

The T-PF-280 Throughfeed Postforming machine is a single-side track fed machine. It is our most popular machine in the market due to its ease of operation and the overall functionality. This size throughfeed postformer is ideal for SME businesses which have a requirement for postforming but do not have the requirement for full production. The

The T-PF-280 doesn't include a gluing unit like on the bigger model (T-PF-590). The panel must be pre-glued with a postform grade contact adhesive before being put into the machine. If you are not familiar with this type of glue then please don't hesitate to contact us as we have our contacts that have supplied too many of our customers and we know what works best on our machines.

This machine can give you a quality and efficient postformed product and does not require extensive experience to operate. We have customers in various industries of laminate/PVC postforming some include the Doorset/Door industry, Washroom and Cubicle Sectors to General Shop fitting and Worktop Manufacturing that all use the T-PF-280.

Product Information

T-PF-280 comes with standard features you can find in our range of Turanlar UK Throughfeed postformers and some extras. This includes the following:

  • Top and Bottom Medium Wave Infrared Heating Lamps
  • Adjustable Track Speed
  • Laminate Excess Trimming Unit
  • Grooving Saw and Buffing Wheel
  • Triple Profile Carousel (3 Different Cartridges on one station)
Product Specification
Electrical Level:400 V – 50 Hz
Nominal Current:16 A
Laminate Thickness:0.4-1 mm
PVC Thickness:1-2.5mm
Laminate Height:70 mm
Speed:0 – 12 m/min
Total Electrical Power:7, 6 kW
Working Height:870 mm
Trimmer Power:0, 37 kW 12000 rpm
Scoring Motor:0, 55 kW
Buffing Motor:0, 18 kW
Dust Extraction Entrance:Ø 150 mm
Machine Width:920 mm
Machine Length:4000 mm
Machine Height:1600mm
Machine Weight:1600kg

Download Spec Sheet

T-PF-280 - Through Feed Postformer