Thermoforming Duo Hot Air - DHA

This Global Thermoforming Duo Hot Air machine (DHA) is an innovative "one machine" solution for preheating and thermoforming acrylic solid surface material, thermoplastics and similar composite materials, as well as for woodwork applications like veneering, laminating and bending different kinds of wood. The heating technology consists of two convection heating elements which are mounted at the sides, and integrated cross-flow fans that ensure a uniform heat distribution. Accurate preheating and vacuum forming can now be carried out with minimal floor space. This combined machine, vacuum press and heating oven that greatly increases the performance of workflow and does so with only little investment. For more information please contact us.

Product Information
  • Reduced manufacturing costs through combined machine
  • Usable for thermoforming and woodworking
  • Suitable for preheating solid surface materials, thermoplastics and similar composite materials

Vacuum Press

  • - Rotary vane, maintenance and oil free vacuum pump
  • Continuous and automatic vacuum pump mode
  • Max vacuum pressure 9t/m²
  • Strong HPL compact press board, 100% air tight.
  • Silicone Rubber membrane 2mm thick (translucent)
  • High volume membranes available

Hot Air Oven

  • Side mounted convection heating elements with cross flow ventilation
  • Uniform heat distribution by closed heating circuit around the material
  • Working temperature max 190°C
  • Adjustable digital temperature control unit
  • Preheating time 2 minutes/mm
  • Preheating timer with indicator light
  • 380 Volt, Three phase.
Product Specification
CodeVacuum PumpPress CapacityEffective heating surface areaCompact Press BoardPower Requirements
DHA-SS-251316m³/h2560 x 1310 mm2400 x 950 mm10 mm18.0 kW
DHA-SS-311325m³/h3160 x 1310 mm3000 x 950 mm10 mm18.5 kW
DHA-SS-371325m³/h3760 x 1310 mm3600 x 950 mm10 mm18.5 kW
DHA-PS-251340m³/h2540 x 1290 mm2400 x 950 mm18 mm19.0 kW
DHA-PS-311340m³/h3140 x 1290 mm3000 x 950 mm18 mm19.0 kW
DHA-PS-371340m³/h3740 x 1290 mm3600 x 950 mm18 mm19.0 kW

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DHA - Thermoforming Duo Hot Air